So what’s this all about?

I suppose a good beginning to this blog would be to explain why I started it! Hey, I am new to the world of collaboration. I am learning about it from various sources. I have just recently become serious about reading and writing blogs! I suppose that’s because I just recently freed myself from the self imposed shackles of reticence.

As I study the space, I will compile interesting bits of info, link to other thought leaders, write my own thoughts and see if in the process I can evolve something interesting of my own. There will definitely be several cross-references and perhaps I will often quote several well known bloggers and I will do this because this blog will serve as the primary reference for me to learn and reflect about collaboration.

I happen to work in the field (at least as on date!) and so I want to make it a point to learn as much in the best way possible – interactively! Hopefully I can collaborate with a few others to share and grow my thoughts about the field.


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